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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sysinä mukana kansainvälisellä ekologisella `KronFest´-taidefestivaalilla

Sysinä on mukana 13.-23.6.2010 Kronstadtissa Venäjällä järjestettävässä KronFest-tapahtumassa. KronFest on kansainvälinen ekologinen taidefestivaali.

Lisätietoja: http://www.kronfest.sbp.ru/

Festivaalin ohjelma löytyy osoitteesta:

The international laboratory of experimental arts "Noise and Whisper"
 The author of idea of the project:
OddDance Theatre

«Noise and Whisper» is a project of «OddDance Theatre» within the limits of the international ecological festival of arts «Kronfest» http://www.kronfest.spb.ru/

The place: Kronstadt. Island-fortress, a fort №4 «Zverev».

Date of realization of the project: 13-23 of June, 2010 (10 days)

The international laboratory of experimental arts collects artists,
dancers, performers and musicians of various directions of the modern
art from Russia, Finland, Ireland. The members of laboratory are united
in one place, time and action. They are creating the live interactive environment inside and outside fortress space.

All types of art are united in one long-term non stop performance.


Uniqueness of the project «Noise and Whisper» is in new approach to
interaction with the historical space combined with the ecological

The laboratory is taking place in the ruins of old military fortress,
on the little island surrounded by waters and winds of Baltic Sea.

First 2 days it is planed to clean the fortress from waist,
which will be used for installations, objects and costumes.

Participants are in constant dialogue with each other and the place.
They create original atmosphere with the help of video-installations,
solo pieces, duets and performances and music concerts inside and outside the ruins.

Three days 18-20 of June the public appears on the island and becomes a co-creator of the long-term non-stop performance.

Within the limits of laboratory various master classes, workshops
will take place. The event will be broadcast on the Internet.

Curators of the project:
Natalia Zhestovskaya,
Liliya Borozentseva,
Andrey Potapov

ph. +7 904 513 18 22

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