kuva: Mikko Keski-Vähälä

Friday, 14 May 2010


SYSINÄ is a Finnish performance group. The group combines performance art, contemporary dance, butoh dance and visual arts in a stopping and enchanting synthesis.

SYSINÄ is about performing with body and mind techniques and it is about nature and it's ways of showing life itself. It is also about listening the space, time, body and mind to find the way for the surroundings to talk through the body.

In 2010 Sysinä's Snake&Swallow was performed in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki and Bambidreams and Puu puhuu in Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St Petersburg. Last year the group also took part in OddDanceFamily's Jälkiä performance on a swamp in Soidinsuo in Vihti, Finland and they had various performances in different galleries in Helsinki.

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